We believe that every human being has the right to communicate and interact with the world in ways that are fulfilling and meaningful to them.

Our mission is to provide leadership in the science and practice of audiology through advocacy, promotion, education and networking. We enable audiologists to deliver the highest standards of person-centred care.

Audiology Australia is the peak body representing audiologists. In Australia audiologists are the primary specialists responsible for the non-medical management of ear disorders. Learn more about audiologists here.

A 2006 study found that one in six Australians had a hearing loss. This figure was predicted to rise to one in four by 2050. So ear disorders including hearing loss are very common and come at great cost to the Australian community.

As well as hearing loss audiologists are trained to diagnose and treat conditions such as tinnitus, vertigo, auditory processing disorder, hyperacusis and acoustic shock injury.

Audiology Australia supports audiologists to offer the optimum care to the Australian public by awarding the certificate of clinical practice (CCP). Learn more about the CCP here.

Audiology Australia also requires that members abide by a Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

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6th annual Australian Microtia and Atresia Conference

06, September 2014

People First Educational Seminars 2014

23, September 2014


Beyond the Audiogram

04, October 2014

Revisiting the Audiologic Assessment

Audiology Masterclass Series

08, October 2014

Red flags - Identifying Barriers to Optimal Auditory Development

9th SAARC ENT Congress 2014

09, October 2014

2014 ENT/SASLHA/SAAA Congress

18, October 2014

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Latest News

Privatisation fears have teachers and parents worried about impact on deaf kids

12, August 2014

THE principal of a Wantirna South school for deaf children fears students will fall behind if the Federal Government privatises support service Australian Hearing.

Geelong Deaf and Hearing Loss Expo focuses on the invisible disability

22, August 2014

GEELONG’S Tom O’Neill might be one of 11 siblings but he’s also one of six Australians living with hearing loss.

Health Minister Jillian Skinner announces merger between RIDBC and SCIC

25, August 2014

When Northmead’s Elijah Porter was diagnosed as profoundly deaf shortly after he was born his mother never expected he would talk confidently in front of an auditorium full of people just five years later.

Hearing is believing, 30 years after cochlear implant

23, August 2014

SILENCE is golden, or so it's said. But for Sue Walters, it was deafening.

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